Special Thanks

We want to thank the globally renowned moonshot educator, and our teacher Esther Wojcicki for imagining moonshots in our design lab program at dtech. We encourage you to visit the imagine VR legacy school at imaginevr.org. Imagine VR will revolutionize education being the first fully virtual school, and we hope to inspire more students to continue innovating, however we could not have gotten this far without the immense support we have received. As founding students of Design Tech High School at Oracle, we have been placed in a pool of change from the start, and we are excited to change education for the better. As our teacher Esther Wojcicki would say, “The process is all about TRICK”. We must have the Trust, Respect, Independence, Collaboration, and Kindness. This is the Wojcicki way, and we are proud to continue her legendary method of educating.

At dtech, our mission is that we believe that the world can be a better place and that students are the ones to make that happen. Through the Salesforce employee matching program, we are excited that Moonshots in Education and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation will participate in the Salesforce matching program to empower schools and communities in achieving moonshots in education including, but not limited to our moonshot legacy ImagineVR. Salesforce’s donation inspired Trust, Responsibility, Independence, Collaboration and Kindness throughout the process. Thank you Salesforce!